Welcome to the Kapiti Bird Club Inc. website. The menus to the left link to various bits of information pertaining to the club, both past (what has happened before), present (what is happening now) and future (what we have scheduled for the near future and not-so-near future).

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Lost and Found Birds and Pets

For lost or found pets and birds, you can contact your local SPCA either directly by phone or via their website Pets on the Net. Other places to try are Trademe, Trade and Exchange, your local Radio Station and all local Veterinary Clinics. For birds in the Kapiti region, you could also try emailing the Secretary who may know from other members about lost or found birds in the local area.

For pigeons found (with a leg ring), you can contact via their website Pigeon Racing New Zealand and follow the information on Found Pigeons tab..

Found Garden Birds (or your cat has)

For garden variety birds and babies found if you can put them back as near to where you found them but up in a tree or hedge. If your cat brought the bird inside find a tree/hedge outside your house and put it safely up high. Mum and/or Dad bird will be nearby and will find the baby and carry on looking after it..

Upcoming Events and Meetings

Club Meetings: Second Wednesday of the Month
Venue: Kapiti Impact Hub, 6 Tongariro Street, Paraparaumu.

Next Club Meeting: Wednesday 10 August 2022 7:30pm-9:00pm - Club Fish & Chips Night

Next Committee Meeting: TBA

Next Club Event: TBA

Annual General Meeting: Wednesday 10 May 2023 7:30pm-9:00pm

Exhibition: No Exhibition will be held in 2022 Due to COVID-19/Omicron


Club Meetings
We are planning on having our monthly meetings at the Impact Hall as normal and will be operating under the “My Vaccine Pass” system. If there is a local outbreak of COVID we may cancel the meeting at short notice as it is not in anyone’s interest to hold one and put people at risk.

When you come to the meeting you will need:

  1. To bring your Vaccine Pass to each meeting. No pass no entry.
  2. Wear an approved mask in the communal areas AT ALL TIMES.
  3. When in Red, you are required to also wear a mask in the meeting room.
  4. Everyone must be seated and separated.
  5. Be prepared for a cancelled meeting at short notice.