Bird Display at Coastlands - Saturday 2 April 2011

Overall layout at Coastlands Shopping Centre, Paraparaumu. Looking at the left side. June's bird Basil, a male Rainbow Lorikeet.
Ana's birds - Black cage: x Canaries and a pair of Chinese Painted Quail; Pink cage: Colourfed x Canaries. (right to left) June's Gloster Canaries; Bev's bird Christmas, a female Grey Cockatiel and Helen's pair of Zebra Finches. Helen's budgies - Coco and Charlie and two young male Chinese Painted Quail.
Helen's birds - White cage: Budgies - Ma and Tawa and Black cage: 2 month old female Pearl Cockatiel (with Hana making some posters). Dave's birds - Lots of Budgies - Mum and Dad with their chicks, 3 month old Pearl Cockatiel. Outer side of screen divider.
Left screen divider. Right screen divider. Outer side of screen divider.